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On March 23-27, please share your “Toonies for Tuition”

System-wide “Toonies for Tuition” Campaign shares gift of Catholic education

Inclusive. Supportive. Unified. Reassuring. Faith-filled.

These are just a few of the words used by the board’s secondary Student Council Presidents to describe their experience of Catholic education.

Going to a Catholic school is more than just education, says Brooke Murphy, Student Council President at St. Mary Catholic Secondary School. It’s about helping those in need.

That’s exactly what they, the student council presidents, their fellow students and staff throughout the system intend to do this coming March as together they embark on a second “Toonies for Tuition” fundraising campaign.

“Toonies for Tuition” is a charity established by the Canadian Catholic School Trustees’ Association (CCSTA) to provide aid to Catholic schools across Canada in need of funding.

Unlike Ontario which enjoys the privilege of a thriving, publicly-funded Catholic school system, “in over half of Canadian provinces, parents have to pay the full cost for their children to attend a Catholic school,” says Joey Bruccoleri, Student Council President at St. John Henry Newman Catholic Secondary School.

“This is where we can make a big difference in the lives of students like ourselves,” adds Cathedral Student President, Josh Bellavia.

During the week of March 23rd, schools throughout the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board will engage in fundraising for “Toonies for Tuition.” The week’s fundraising can take any form, from spirit days to special events.

“We must work together to ensure Catholic education remains healthy and strong,” stresses Mary Odisho, Student Council President at St. Thomas More Catholic Secondary School.

Monies raised from the Board’s “Toonies for Tuition” Fundraising Week will be sent to the Ontario Campaign to support Toonies for Tuition.

Stressing the importance of the initiative, Chairperson Patrick Daly applauded the student presidents “for their commitment to assist students who are not as fortunate as those in Ontario.”

“I urge all trustees, staff, parents, students and parish communities to support this worthy cause to whatever extent possible.”

“We challenge each and every one of you to take part in this fundraising activity so that we can all support other students across Canada in having the education they deserve,” adds Bishop Ryan Student President Rebecca White.

On March 23-27, please share your “Toonies for Tuition”